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"For as long as I can remember I have loved painting people!"

Doreen Langhorn         




Born with a slight hearing impairment, Doreen has grown up studying faces and expressions for clues to conversation, and from this has evolved her fascination for painting people and her inspiration to "Capture the Moment!"


Working in all mediums, but especially Watercolour or Pastel, she has concentrated on depicting people, not necessarily in formal portraits, but going about the daily activities of their lives, working, playing, reading, chatting, etc.  In particular she enjoys portraying the magic and innocence of children.

Exhibiting both here and in France, Doreen has gained a reputation for her strong, vibrant colour palette and the quality of light conveyed through her work and over the years has been the recipient of numerous awards.

In 2009 her painting the Red Bucket" was used as the cover for "The End of Emily West", the latest novel by Wendy Turner-Webster. 

Listed in Who's Who in Art since 2006, The

Dictionary of the Royal Society of Marine Artists

and the Archives of The Society of Women Artists,

Doreen is also author of the CRACKPOT series of

Children's Picture Books and is currently seeking

a publisher.

Exhibiting in Limoges

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